Surveyor Apprenticeship FAQ’s

Fill out the application on our website.

Testing is done on an as-needed basis, we will contact you as soon as a test is scheduled.

Yes, but you must reside in Northern California before you can enter the program.

Yes. Apprenticeship offers great second-chance opportunities and we are an affirmative-action, equal opportunity program.

Possibly. The program administrator will review your experience, test scores and panel interview results and make a formal determination.

Already a member of Local 3 and interested in taking our curriculum? Give us a call!

Inspector Apprenticeship FAQ’s

Strong at this time; we will continue to schedule orientations as long as it remains so.

You must attend an orientation to receive an application.

Only if you are reapplying to the program.




Allow 1 ½ to 2 hours.

No, you must attend a scheduled orientation; we do not provide individual orientations. If you cannot attend, please try a later date.

Not necessarily; we schedule quarterly and post as soon as we have our calendar in place. Please continue to check this site at a later date.

Attend an orientation and start preparing your application. You can submit your application as soon as you get the license.

The 46 counties of Northern California.