• Inspector Apprenticeship


Apprentice StepsAdvancement RequirementsWages
First StepStarting level–No experience requiredSuccessfully advances through selection procedures $30.95
Second Step1,200 total work hoursCompletion of all introductory curriculum$33.76
Third Step 2,400 total work hoursTimely on-track progression through curriculum and certifications$36.58
Fourth Step3,600 total work hoursDemonstration of excellence in class attendance and participation$39.39
Fifth Step4,800 total work hoursMeet GPA minimum requirements$47.83
Inspector Graduate6,000 total work hoursHave completed all industry credentials for the chosen path and at least 600 total classroom hours$56.27

Areas of Training

Our program provides each apprentice with a broad spectrum of training across a number areas of inspection, preparing you to build a career as unique as you are.

Some of the abilities of our graduates include:

  • Interpret the meaning and applicability of building codes, structural drawings, specifications, and related technical documentation.
  • Evaluate the acceptability of construction across a number of structural disciplines including steel and welding, concrete, soils, asphalt, and other areas subject to inspection, including performing related tests as required.
  • Defend their evaluations and support their interpretations with reference to the applicable documents.
  • Demonstrate expert knowledge in the engineering issues and materials sciences applicable to their areas of inspection.
  • Organize and maintain the documentation necessary to demonstrate construction work complies with the contract documents and applicable regulations.

Career Opportunity

We perform inspections that are outside the scope of most local jurisdictions whether due to complexity or the need for special equipment and training, and which typically occur during the construction work itself. We inspect the fit-up and completion of welds, pick through rebar and observe concrete pours, measure depths of trenches and their subsequent fill, and engage in hundreds of other inspection and testing tasks to verify that a structure or other construction element is as the engineer designed it.

As construction inspectors our willingness to continue to deepen our expertise as life long learners is both required and rewarded. It is a field where we can see the impact of our skills on the world and of our reputations on our careers.

  • Five years of training at no cost to you.
  • Paid employment while you learn the trade.
  • High intensity classes to grow your expertise.
  • Strong labor market and an in-demand

First Step: Orientation

If you have questions about our program or are interested in applying, attending an orientation is the best way to resolve either of those. Our apprenticeship coordinators host the orientation and are best positioned to provide current and relevant answers to all of your questions. Completing an orientation is also the required first step in applying to our program.

Attendees are expected to be familiar with the purpose of our orientations, as well as our policies and expectations regarding their attendance. To view this information, click here:

To view the next scheduled orientations and to register to attend, select a session below.

Note that registration will open the Monday immediately prior to the date of the orientation.

7/11/2024 – Sacramento, CA
8/15/2024 – Sacramento, CA
9/18/2024 – Concord, CA
10/16/2024 – Concord, CA
11/20/2024 – Sacramento, CA
12/11/2024 – Concord, CA
1/22/2025 – Sacramento, CA

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum of 18 years of age.
  • High School Diploma/GED.
  • Valid California Driver License.
  • Resident of OE3’s 46-county Northern California jurisdiction.
  • Attend an informational orientation.
  • Pass entry level assessment testing.
  • Pass panel interview.
  • Successfully complete a four-week bootcamp.


“Best decision I ever made. The day I graduated from the apprenticeship I knew my family’s future was secure. I highly recommend the program.”

“I’m glad to be a part of Local 3. The decision to make a career change definitely paid off.”

“After serving in the military, the inspector apprenticeship was an excellent way to get a fresh start in a life-changing career. In this profession, we are always learning new inspections, meeting wonderful people who are always there to help and teach, and going to unbelievable job-sites. The skills, knowledge, and experiences that I have acquired will forever be a part of my life.”

“The construction inspector apprenticeship was thorough and engaging. Attaining journeyman status in the trade is proving to be more lucrative than my college degree. I enjoy working on some of the largest projects in the bay area. I do not regret the career switch.”

“The apprenticeship program was a great asset to me each and every time I took a certification exam. The program has a very knowledgeable set of instructors that each specialize in the field they are instructing and they really know their stuff. Going through the apprenticeship program completely changed my life in so many ways; each for the better.”

“The program was a great experience. I recommend it for anyone willing to push themselves and take on a challenge. If you do, I believe you can become a well developed inspector.”

“The program gave me the skills and experiences to be where I wanted to be, and who I wanted to be in this life. You get paid and learn skills as you make a immediate impact on the world around you. You will have a say on structures that will outlast your lifetime. Great program.”