This informational session is intended to orient interested individuals regarding the Northern California Construction Inspectors Apprenticeship. Additionally, completion of an orientation is required for all applicants to this program.

After completing this orientation, participants will be able to…

  • Explain the nature of the apprenticeship
  • Identify the role of inspection in the building and construction trades
  • Describe the duties of an engineering technician and its relationship to inspection work
  • Evaluate the most common difficulties faced by apprentice inspectors
  • Identify the steps applicants must complete to enter the apprenticeship

At the completion of this orientation, an application for this apprenticeship will be provided to participants.

Please read and ensure that you have understood all of the expectations below prior to registering for this event.


  • Orientation sessions typically run two hours, but may run as long as necessary.
  • To RESERVE YOUR SEAT you must, FIRST; create an applicant level account for our website.
    • Selecting an incorrect account level will  dis-allow delivery of the confirmation email containing the necessary Zoom link, and may cause TEMPORARY REJECTION of your account.
  • SECOND, you must, BOOK and RESERVE YOUR SEAT, by signing into your registered account on our website and clicking on the BOOK NOW button. This button indicates that seats are available and bookings are still open. If this button is not shown it means that bookings are closed for the event. FINALLY, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the box that says RESERVE YOUR SEAT (it may be hard to see).
  • Instructions for attending the Zoom session will automatically be emailed to participants immediately upon reserving your seat.
    • If you do not see this email in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder.
    • It is recommended that you add the domain to your email’s safe list to ensure you receive future communications from our program.


  • Those reserving a seat for this orientation are required to attend.
    • Please be considerate as seating is limited and your reservation may deny someone else the ability to attend this event.
  • In order to book a seat for this event, applicants must first register an account in their own name, using the name appearing on their photo identification.
  • This session will be held online via Zoom. As a result, participants will require the following items:
    • A free account from
      • Each participant must use a Zoom account registered in their own name that matches the name on their photo identification.
    • A web-capable computer with a webcam and microphone
      • A reasonably sized tablet may serve this purpose, a smartphone is not recommended.
      • Each participant must use their own device, Zoom session logs will be used as part of documenting attendance. Please make sure that your display name matches that on your photo identification.
  • Participants must be on time. Late admissions will not be let into the meeting room.
  • Participants will be expected to treat this event similar to an in-person class, which includes being on camera and engaged with the orientation material for the duration.
    • Please do not attend this meeting while driving, working, or while otherwise engaged in any other dangerous or distracting activity.
    • Distracted participants, or those who are seemingly absent may be removed from the meeting.


Registration for this event will open the Monday prior at 12:01 AM and will close the day of the event at 7:00 AM.


This event is fully booked.