This seminar intends to familiarize students with the typical materials used in building construction. The course covers material characteristics of wood, steel, concrete, masonry and soils. By the end of the course, the decisions an architect or engineer make in selecting specific materials and how it affects the construction and life of a building will be clear. The second half of this seminar covers the basics of how forces and loads are considered in engineered design.

The following topics are covered:

  • Forces and Loads – Gravity and Lateral
  • Structural systems – including frames, shear walls and foundations
  • Structural models – including single story buildings, 2-4 stories, 6-10 stories, High-rise buildings and seismic connections.

The following publication is recommended to ensure success in the course:

  • 2018 International Building Code® (IBC®)

Course Objectives…

  • Identify the typical materials used in building design and construction.
  • Determine whether wood, masonry, steel or concrete would be appropriate for a particular building.
  • Describe specific design characteristics of each building material.
  • Determine what potential issues exist for a given soil at the construction site.
  • Describe the difference between forces and loads.
  • Determine whether a lateral system is a braced frame, moment frame or shear wall.
  • Compare attributes of high-rise, mid-size and low-rise buildings.
  • Discuss locations to expect bracing in a buildings roof.

This course is 8 classroom hours worth 0.8 ICC continuing education units.

All required materials will be provided by the Technical Engineers Apprenticeship.

This seminar will be held at the OE3 District 80 Offices at 3920 Lennane Dr., Sacramento, CA 95834.

Sign-in for this event will open at 7:15 AM and will close at 7:45 AM. Late attendees will be turned away at the door.

The seminar will begin at 8:00 AM. There will be a break of 1-hour between 12:00 AM and 1:00 PM for lunch. The seminar will resume promptly at this time and is expected to end at 5:00 PM.

InstructorSANDRA HYDE, P.E. Senior Staff Engineer
Sandra Hyde, P.E. is a Staff Engineer with the ICC Product Development Group where she develops and reviews technical resources dealing with the structural provisions of the codes. Sandra has developed technical seminars for the IBC and IRC highlighting code changes. She has experience in manufacturing and research with an engineered wood products company. With a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering, Sandra is a Registered Civil Engineer in Idaho and California, a member of the Structural Engineers Association of Idaho and the local and state chapters of building officials.

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